Oklahoma Edge Softball Association Team Contract

This is a contract entered into between the named player _____________________, and her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) _________________, _________________ with the Oklahoma Edge Softball Association; OESA. When signed this contract is a legal binding contract.

The purpose of the OESA is to teach, coach, and train, female softball players and athletes who seek to compete at higher levels of softball competition such as, but not limited to USSSA Fast pitch C classification and above, ASA, and any other leagues the coaching staff deems beneficial to the development and collegiate exposure of the players on the team. The program's purpose is to continually strive to increase the level of competitiveness and various associations classification the team competes in, as well as, to help players develop the skills sets necessary to compete at a collegiate level program or above if they so desire in the future.

The OESA is a non-profit team and does not seek to generate profitability for any one individual(s). All moneys collected or fund raised on behalf of the teams are to be used for equipment, which includes, but is not limited to uniforms, bat bags, helmets, bats, pitching machines, game balls, pitching machine balls, score books, line-up cards, catchers equipment, bats, and any other equipment deemed necessary by the coach, manager, and/or assistant coaches that would benefit in the teachings, and usage of the named players of the team. Additional equipment needs for the team shall be at the discretion of the coaching staff throughout the year. Funds generated for the OESA shall also be used to pay for any team registration fees, insurance fees, tournament fees, tournament cost, nomination fees and expenses related to the entering of the team into a competitive tournament(s) and/or round robin type play in the various organizations, along with open classification competitive tournaments. Funds may also be used for donations to special benefit competitive tournaments on behalf of the team. These special donations shall be voted upon by the coaching staff and parent(s) and/or guardian(s) of the players as to the amount and worthiness of the cause with the majority vote as the defining action. All funds paid to, or generated by fundraisers on behalf of the OESA shall be deposited in a bank account that has been established with the account name “Oklahoma Edge Softball Association”. That account will be managed by association’s treasurer. There will be a continual “running” spreadsheet, as well as, bank statements kept throughout the year of all team finances that may be viewed at any point by request from a parent and/or guardian to the treasurer. The books for the year will be closed December 31st of each year. Any monies left over in the account will be used as an opening balance for the spring to follow.

At the start of a new season as defined below there will be a set registration fee. All players including coaches’ children will be subject to the registration fee. This fee will be $250 for spring/summer season and Fall season is $100 for returning players or $250 for new players, along with the fact that all members are expected to participate in any team fundraiser. If any parent(s) and/or guardian(s) do not want to participate in team fundraisers, they can opt out of doing so, by paying a onetime fee of $500 for the season as defined below. If any player joins the team after the start of the season, they will be expected to pay the full fee and participate in fundraisers. These fees will not apply to pick-up/guest tournament players that are not placed on the team roster, unless they join the team permanently.

It shall be noted this is a competitive team and by definition of competitive (involving or decided by competition, inclined by achieving more than others through extra effort or ability) playing time will be achieved as such, at the evaluation of the coaching staff. There is not and will not be guaranteed playing times or positions to any one player including a child of a coach. Players have the ability to compete for playing time by the results of their actions in practice, pre-game warm ups and actual game time performance. A team will be fielded in a fashion as to be the most “competitive” as possible in a game situation based upon the decisions of the coaching staff. If a parent(s) and/or guardian(s) wishes to visit with the coach about issues of playing time or performance it shall be done in a private, orderly fashion and the discussion will not take place during or immediately before a game. It shall also be noted that sideline coaching is strongly discouraged unless a member of the coaching staff request participation from the parent(s) or guardian(s) for their child only. This request is to eliminate any confusion on the player’s part as to what the coaching staff is trying to achieve in a given situation. Disorderly conduct, and or threats from parents and or players will not be tolerated and is basis for immediate removal of a player from the team. It shall also be noted that at any time at the discretion of the coaching staff outside players can be added to the roster, or tryouts may be held to evaluate other players for this team to achieve the competitive level of completion as described in this contract above.

 It shall be noted that all equipment and uniforms provided by the team through fund raisers and/or registration fees for each player are property of the OESA. This shall include, but is not limited to, any gear such as helmets, bags, uniforms, and any other equipment provide by the team. If at any point during the course of a given softball season (starting on January 1st, through and ending December 31st   as team uniforms will be purchased in the spring and be worn through the fall) a player decides to leave the team albeit through dismissal by the coaching staff, sickness or year ending injury, quitting of the team by the player for personal reasons, removal of the player by the parent(s) and or guardian(s), all aforementioned uniforms and equipment will be returned to the OESA. If those items are not returned to the team or a fee of $500 paid to the team, the player will not be released from the roster until the team property is returned or the fee is paid in full.

 Upon the signing of this contract the below signed player and parent(s) or guardian(s) agree to the above stated contract and shall abide by the contract in good faith.


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